Honesty Box reports significant progress on Fixed Wireless performance

12 December 2019, Sydney: Independent data from Australia?s largest network of broadband measurement devices shows over 20% improvement in Fixed Wireless download speeds during busy periods this year, according to the latest RSP Broadband Performance Measurement Report released today by Honesty Box in collaboration with CHOICE.

Honesty Box is the only independent network measurement provider to measure and report on fixed and wireless broadband network performance nationwide.

?Over half of our broadband measurement devices are installed in rural homes and businesses and we?re pleased to see that despite geographical challenges, fixed wireless users are enjoying considerably better broadband than they were at the start of the year,? said Will MacKinnon, Head of Commercial and Client Services at Honesty Box.

??We are proud to be the only independent network measurement provider to report on the performance both fixed and wireless technologies from the end user?s perspective with the support of the thousands of volunteers who signed up through our partner CHOICE,? he said.

The Honesty Box broadband and mobile measurement platform is custom designed and built in Australia and consists of a physical device and device management, testing and reporting platform. The device is deployed at the user?s premises and delivers broadband measurement test data securely back to locally hosted Honesty Box platform infrastructure.

A range of tests are conducted around the clock to ensure that broadband performance measurement captures a true representation of the user?s internet connection.

Honesty Box devices are fitted with a gigabit ethernet port and a powerful processor; and measure internet connections of up to 1000 Mbps. Tests are designed to mimic user actions such as download / upload to on-net / off-net servers in data centres located locally using heavily used internet protocols such as HTTP, UDP, popular website browsing, and video streaming services.


About Honesty Box

We independently measure broadband performance across the nation?s largest network of measurement devices. Our unique platform gives ecosystem partners, including RSPs, nbn and CHOICE, insights that help to optimise broadband speeds for home and business users.

Visit: www.honestybox.com.au


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