The Fastest and Easiest Way
to Measure Your Network

Turn network data into actionable insights with independent testing. Our plug & play solution combines powerful hardware and a cloud-based measurement platform to provide accurate network data to retail service providers, corporate or private networks, businesses, nbn and CHOICE.

Introducing independent network insights

Test your network

Network data is collected and automatically sent to a secure cloud-based platform for analysis and reporting.

Validate your results

Verify your network configuration and performance results and meet industry guidelines with independent testing.

Power network performance

We isolate issues, analyse diverse sets of measurement data and improve the performance of complex networks.

See how it works

The Honesty Box

Plugs into your modem to automatically?test, measure and collect network data so we can report on network quality and performance.

The methodology

A wide range of broadband performance tests mimic user actions for a complete and accurate view of the end user?s experience.?

Cloud based platform

Our secure cloud-based reporting system combines with software tools and hardware to automatically measure network performance.



The Honesty Box plugs into your modem


Every hour it will run a test to check
your broadband performance


You can login to the Honesty Box platform and check your
own performance (currently in closed beta testing)