The simple way to test and verify your network


Device management


Data collection device/service


Data storage and processing


Results analysis and insight


Results presentation

Honesty Box gives you fast and accurate network performance insights so you can solve problems, validate your results and reach your goals faster.

Take the time out of testing

Move through complex networks quickly with independent measurement. Get the test kit you need for an end-to-end view of your network, and easily spot threats and issues with plug & play hardware and a cloud-based measurement platform for generic or bespoke testing.

Get data on demand

Access Australia?s largest network of broadband measurement devices across all nbn technology types and see how customers experience your network with existing data by access technology, time of day and geography. We source, qualify and engage end users, collect and measure data, and deliver Tableau reports and insights, so you can focus on results.

Power network performance

Identify bottlenecks and power network performance with an on-demand platform that schedules, tests, measures, collects and analyses data in real time without impacting end-users or the network. Bespoke testing provides tailor made insights across all networks, including fibre, HCF, DSL, fixed wireless, satellite, mobile cellular, private and corporate networks.?

Validate your results

Back your speed claims, prove internal test results and meet industry guidelines with an independent perspective. Verify your network configuration and performance results by moving from on-network monitoring to end-to-end measurement with dependable data that you can count on.

Education networks

Every school needs the power to handle peak demand without fail. As network planning, dimensioning and provisioning become ever more critical, we isolate issues, analyse different sets of measurement data and improve the performance of complex networks while navigating the vested interests of stakeholders.

At Honesty Box?, we assess the number and type of applications running, the user experience, last mile technology, nbn? and RSP networks ? and links between all of these ? to provide end-to-end network insights.