About us

Our History

30 years of independent network measurement.

Founded in 1989 as the RMIT PC Testing Laboratory at RMIT University, we were there at the start ? monitoring network performance as Internet access moved from universities to the public domain.

We grew to become Australia?s leading independent testing group and commercialised in 2005 as Enex TestLab, which measures sensitive public projects across highly regulated sectors.

In 2017 eMetric Pty Ltd, trading as Honesty Box?, was commercialised from Enex Pty Ltd to provide independent broadband performance measurement using scientific methodology that reflects our research heritage.

eMetric (Honesty Box?) has provided independent network measurement services across Australia for Government organisations such as the Department of Communications, Department of Health, ACMA and ACCC and nbn.

Australian owned and operated, Honesty Box also measures and reports on Retail and Internet Service Provider?s Internet performance across all technologies and geographies using data from consumer volunteers.

Our People

The organisational functions operating in Australia include management, business development, finance and admin, product development, software engineering, hardware development, QA, logistics and operations, helpdesk and customer experience, as well as data analytics.

The Honesty Box? team is led by William MacKinnon with senior support provided by Matt Tett and Sandra Davey.

Meet our technical team

The technical team is led by James Stewart and comprises senior and junior engineers backed by Honesty Box? partner expertise in solutions architecture (J2 Solutions) and hardware development.