Our measurement methodology

We use a wide range of broadband performance tests for a complete and accurate view of the end user’s experience.

The tests mimic user actions such as download and upload to on-net and off-net servers in data centres. This is achieved using common Internet protocols such as HTTP, UDP and popular web browsing and video streaming services.

HTTP download and upload testing
This test measures download and upload throughput. We monitor payload file transfers between the Honesty Box and our secure server infrastructure to ensure consistent broadband speed measurement.
Ping tests
The ping (ICMP latency) test measures round-trip latency between the Honesty Box and the server.
Jitter tests
The UDP/Jitter test measures the time it takes to transfer small UDP datagram packets between the Honesty Box and the server. A UDP socket connection is setup between source and the target and we record packets that are not delivered in under a second.
Website download test
This test measures the time it takes to fetch the HTML and all relevant resources from some Australian’s most popular websites. It takes content distribution networks and other performance enhancing factions into consideration.